• Basin liners

  • Hazardous waste landfill sites

  • Domestic waste landfill sites

  • Detection of leaks

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Inspecting sealing membranes and liners – Protecting soil and groundwater

ELD provides efficient, cost-effective and direct monitoring of sealing membranes and liners in underground constructions based on 20 years’ experience in the field and using state-of-the-art survey methods. Our main activity is the inspection of geomembranes used in landfill sites, storage and process areas and in all types of basins. Our services start with project planning and run right through to the performance of regular surveys. Our test and survey reports are officially approved in a number of different countries.

Depending on the country and the specific project, we either collaborate with partners or perform the full range of services ourselves.

Landfill base liner

Monitoring of sealing membranes and liners

In order to assess and maintain the safe functioning of a sealing system, ELD  delivers reliable information on its leak-prevention status. Only direct monitoring of the entire membrane or liner area will make possible timely repair of any damage detected and as a result, costs to the client will be minimal. Construction work can be approved with confidence and reliable operation of the system is then possible.


Electrical sealing system monitoring in the form of a permanently installed system or for one-off measurement, for use with:

  • Landfill base and surface liners
  • Basins (seepage collection basins, industrial collection basins, golf lakes etc.)
  • Storage, handling and process areas
  • Process areas in the mining industry
  • Dams
In these areas, environmental protection is not the only important factor. Undetected leaks can also lead to the loss of valuable liquids and may endanger the stability of dams as a result of internal erosion.